There is a reason we are #1 in the most populated country in the world: Quality Service. Here is how KEEP Global achieves it’s unique standard of Quality Service:


It begins with seeing the beauty of your building through your eyes. Your investment, connection, and goals with the space and its unique characteristics gives us a specific understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish. Then we see your space through the eyes of a visitor or investor. We know your building is doing important work and we want increase the value of your building and company.


Our team of Cleaning Techs are trained to meet the highest standards in the industry. Each Tech must complete our own Quality Training Program, part of America’s first cleaning training program, The Cleaning School, created by KEEP Global. They will receive 5-days of hands-on training before they ever work on-site for one of our valued clients.


There is no cutting corners with our company. Good enough is not good enough at KEEP Global. We follow through on every task we perform because excellence is in the details. Every day we work for you is an opportunity to add to your company’s goals. We stand behind every shift, every day we have the opportunity to service you.

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