There is so much more to every business than just making money. Businesses solve problems, create jobs, and serve their communities. But we all know that staying in the black is how you can keep opening your doors everyday and taking care of all those people.
We get it and want to help you reduce cost where you can, without sacrificing quality and standards that keep you in business. It’s our goal to help you maintain a clean environment and stay in the black…so you can continually add value to your neighborhoods.


As much as we don’t like to admit it, the world is much bigger than what is happening to us. We all have lives to live and businesses to grow, but the physical foundation of it all isn’t just the floor we stand on or the building we’re standing in…it’s the Earth we were born into.
KEEP Global has a long-term vision and plan for keeping the world clean. From the oceans, the deserts, to space (really) everywhere mankind goes, we must also be aware of what we leave behind. But it starts with taking care of the world right in front of us.


There’s a lot of bags around here! Estimates are that in Chicago alone, there are 3.7 million plastic bags that are used DAILY. With that amount of sheer volume, we could be creating mess for ourselves that we’ll need to deal with, here in Chicago, for years to come.
Let’s not wait until this becomes an even bigger problem for our city, our neighborhoods, and our kids. There are simple ways to reduce the amount of waste we collectively produce by simply being smarter about types of material and products that we use to live our lives. That’s a responsibility that both citizens and businesses have to our great city every single day. Chicago is the best city in the world…let’s keep it that way for generations to come!