An Industry Leader

With over 20 offices and 10,000 employees in China, Kelikaien International is a powerhouse in the cleaning industry. Established in 1997, they have risen thorough an tremendous amount of competition in the industry to establish themselves as the #1 leader on providing commercial cleaning and services.

Humble Beginnings

At the age of 13, Dianke Wang began working as part of a cleaning services team that didn’t have the best working conditions. To put it mildly, he worked in slave labor conditions for an organization that brought him to Japan and Australia to clean office and industrial buildings. But even in the worst conditions, there is a silver lining. Mr Wang knew this season would pass and that he saw his work as an opportunity to deliver the highest quality service and learn an industry that will always need quality work delivered. Eventually, he had an opportunity to stretch his wings and do a couple of small contracts on his own. Now able to call his own shots, his attention to detail, entrepreneurial spirit, and humble spirit of servitude, has created an entrepreneurial story for the ages.

A Higher Standard

Your building allows you to conduct your business and service your customers . It’s your livelihood, so why trust it to someone who does not treat it with the same level of importance in the evening as you treat it during the day? The truth is that most buildings are staffed with workers who want to work hard, but receive little to no training. They do their best, but typically only receive instruction on where the mops are! They do the best they can without standards and systems that could make their work truly exceptional. Kelikaien International China has developed the first cleaning school in the industry for our cleaning workers. At KEEP Global, we pride ourselves on holding the highest cleaning standards in the industry. We stand by our products and service whole-heartedly, because you care about your business whole-heartedly.